Inty360 Catch&Rep allows you, free of charge, create forms for mobile devices, collect data and generate reports with the information collected.

More information and better communication


The tool that turns your mobile device into an electronic form for data, photos and videos, and it also allows you to create maps and automatic reports with the gathered information.


Maximum adaptability

The Administrator user defines each element of the form as required; it adapts 100% to your work’s needs.


Works without an Internet connection

The mobile device does not require an Internet connection in order to collect information.


Integrates different disciplines

It allows collecting information about several projects, and for each one, to register information using multiple forms. This enables the integration of data from multidisciplinary teams.



Users can be defined for each project or form, with authorization to access information, visualization, management or generation of reports; this allows working in a team of multiple users.



The system of collection, transmission and processing allows for the information to be available immediately.



Users that will register information in a mobile device will be able to do so in a simple way.  Furthermore, those users that generate reports (in PDF format, electronic templates or maps) do not require any previous specific knowledge.


Better communication

Relying on more and better information in less time means higher certainty about substantiated decisions and better results at work.

Most frequent uses

To put together a diagnosis (with surveys, inventory of elements and their condition)

To register different types of events or situations in order to inform or request assistance

To verify procedures in the performed interventions (whether it involves procedures for sowing, building or preparing food)

To plan or propose solutions (updated information is gathered in a fast and low-cost way)

To record a situation before the interventions (by creating a base line with the gathered information in a simple and low-cost way)

To illustrate a situation after the interventions (through new surveys or studies, using photos and videos)

Support designs (gathering information about necessary details in a fast and low-cost way)

Illustrate the progress of the implemented actions (showing results about new surveys and studies)