The founding partners of Inty360 have participated in multiple projects in different countries, often putting great efforts to obtain necessary information.

These experiences were the motor that boosted the search for a tool that allows having access to the right information in a fast and low-cost way, and to be able to process it without it demanding great effort or special knowledge.

Our Mission

To fully simplify data collection using mobile devices, allowing for it to be done in a fast and low-cost way, and using a format of tailored design, also making data processing simple and not requiring special knowledge.

Our Vision

To turn Inty360 Catch&Rep into the best tool for creating and processing forms for mobile data collection.

Our Values

We are committed to becoming involved with the needs of our clients and we enjoy facing the challenges that emerge from solving them.
Curiosity, good humor and innovation are our tools.
We are a team filled with youth, experience and great love for our work.